Matt Damon Says This Story Of John Malkovich In ‘Rounders’ Is One Of The Best Movie Set Moments He’s Ever Had

ESPN is often given credit for the ‘Poker Boom’ of the mid-2000s but for all intents and purposes it was the movie Rounders starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and John Malkovich that set that poker boom into motion. I’m assuming that 99% of you bros have seen the movie but for those of you that haven’t I’ll give you the extreme Spark’s Notes: Matt Damon plays a gifted law school student who is a brilliant amateur poker player but makes some bad decisions and hits rock bottom.

For most of America, that movie was the first look at the now defunct back-alley poker rooms of NYC. Those poker rooms were a vestige of the ‘Old New York’ that all but died after Rudy Giuliani’s reign as mayor and were totally stamped out under El Bloombito (Michael Bloomberg). This story from Matt Damon’s not about those poker rooms, though he does touch on those briefly, it’s about John Malkovich as an actor and Matt claims what Malkovich said to him that day was one of the all-time great moments on a movie set…and this is coming from a guy who has filmed with nearly every great actor in the world.

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