Michelle Beadle Scorches Kim Kardashian And Her Desperate Cry For Attention

Michelle Beadle of ESPN’s SportsNation, never one to be shy about her opinions no matter who it might offend, (which is why we’ll always be #teambeadle), dropped a bomb on Kim Kardashian’s naked photos last week on Twitter, saying, “Just purchased $633 in baby oil and performed an at-home lobotomy…let’s do this. #BreakTheInternet #MoonRiver.” Then followed that up with, “Are we done talking about giant, greasy poo-makers yet? #CometLanding.”

Needless to say, Michelle Beadle won the Internet on that day. But she wasn’t done there as the fine folks over at TMZ just happened to catch up with Beads this weekend at LAX where they simply had to get more thoughts from her on KimKSuperstar’s latest grab for attention.

“Does Kim have the best poop-maker in the business?” asks TMZ guy. “It’s the biggest one in the business,” cracks Beadle.

“She doesn’t have anything else to show off … so I get why she’s doing it. And Photoshop’s wonderful,” rips Beadle. “What else is she gonna do? She’s got no talent.”

Love her.