Milly Bobby Brown From ‘Stranger Things’ Went To SLC Comic Con In A Mask And Her Bodyguard’s Pics Are Great

Milly Bobby Brown Stranger Things Salt Lake City Comic Con

Imgur / CrossedKeys

Milly Bobby Brown is best known for playing Eleven, or ‘Elle’, on Netflix’s enormously successful Sci-Fi Thriller Stranger Things.

In the past six months, her career has gone from ‘virtually nonexistent’ to being considered one of the young actresses in Hollywood with the brightest futures. She’s been invited to appear on almost every single late night talk show in America where she’s proven to be a better rapper than Nicki Minaj, and in the end all of this has raised her level of fame to a point where it’s hard for her to go into public now without being recognized.

Even though she’s already a successful actress after just one season on Stranger Things it’s important for Milly Bobby Brown to still have a childhood, and her bodyguard helped her be a kid recently at the Salt Lake City Comic-Con. At SLC-CC, Milly Bobby Brown put on a Guy Fawkes mask and went around the convention center in disguise with the protection of her bodyguard in case anything went wrong, but she mostly just took fun pics with strangers and got to be a kid for the day.

Milly Bobby Brown’s bodyguard shared an album of photos from their adventure over on Imgur:

She did surprise a few people and tell them who she really is:

You can see the full set of photos HERE ON IMGUR if you want to keep on scrolling. All in all, I just find it refreshing that a young celeb with a bright future like her can sneak out into a Comic-Con and have fun just like a normal kid…As for why she was in Salt Lake City I haven’t the slightest clue.

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