Magnificent PC Mod Puts 2002’s Vice City In GTA 5

In only a few months, we have seen some amazing mods on the PC version of GTA V. There have been mods as the characters turn into animals, a gun that fires cars, whales falling from the sky, fire-breathing zombies and Breaking Bad. However this mod that brings Vice City to Grand Theft Auto 5 may be the most ambitious effort to date.

Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on October 27, 2002. Vice City may have been the single-most important installment in the franchise because it brought the game into the media forefront. It was the first GTA game to really have a story and featured Ray Liotta as well as an epic 1980s soundtrack. The video game received much acclaim and it was a sales behemoth, as of March 2008 it had made over $4.5 million, making it the fourth best selling video game of all-time.

YouTube user and mod extraordinaire taltigolt realized the beauty of Vice City and gave it a major facelift by bringing the 2002 game into the much-improved graphics of GTA V. Could this be what GTA 6 looks like?

This is only a virtual tour of the mod, and is a work-in-progress, but it is good to be back in Vice City. So put on the Wave 103 and enjoy this fantastic 12-minute video.