The Plot Of ‘True Detective’ Season 2 Has Allegedly Been Revealed

It’s been far too long since True Detective season 1 came to an end so any morsel of information from True Detective season 2 is most welcome.

Today that comes in the form of what is rumored to be the main plot of True Detective’s second season, according to Movie Pilot.

The season is due to kick off with the dead body of a corrupt politician being found along the Pacific Coast Highway with satanic symbols carved into his chest. California Highway Patrol officers Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch are assigned the case.

It turns out the victim is a known associate of Vince Vaughn’s character and this dead man had a dark side involving some associations with S&M clubs – but perhaps most importantly, the man was in the middle of brokering a big deal that would solve the state’s gridlock problem.

Vince Vaughn’s character just happens to be a career criminal who is allegedly trying to turn legitimate by getting involved in this business deal of developing a high speed railway system for California and finds himself being the main suspect after his business partner turns up dead.

Farrell and Kitch are getting an assist from Rachel McAdams who plays a local sheriff who has a different set of ethics that puts her at odds against Farrell, who is described as a detective that has deep ties to the mobsters that are corrupting the police force, and Kitsch who is trying to recover from his own sordid past that involved him abusing his police power.

Looks like Vince Vaughn might have some “unfinished business” to deal with on True Detective, huh? (Apologies to the three of you who got that reference because you saw his latest movie.)

Movie Pilot also has a bunch of pics from the set and more of what to expect in season 2 if you’d like more information.

H/T Uproxx