Ranking Erlich Bachman’s Best Lines For Achieving Business Success ‘Silicon Valley’

Next to the battle scenes on Game of Thrones, Erlich Bachman on Silicon Valley is easily the best thing on television. TJ Miller’s portrayal of a douchetastic California tech incubator is perfect. He has his “head so far up his own ass I can see the future.” He knows not to bring “piss to a shit fight.” And, despite having a bong permanently attached to his hand at all times, he’s actually a visionary with entrepreneurial successes under his hat, including Aviato and “Spinder. It’s like Tinder but for spinsters. Elderly women looking for sex.”

A few months ago we ranked Erlich’s most devastating put downs. Now we’re admiring him for the half-baked entrepreneurial genius that he is. Here’s how to talk your way to the top the Erlich Bachman way.

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