Redditor Discovers Overlooked Evidence Disproving The Idea That Teresa Halbach’s Body Was Burned In Avery’s Fire Pit

Making a Murderer may have premiered back in December, yet here we are, eight months later with amateur sleuths still doing their best with the limited resources they have to investigate Teresa Halbach’s murder.

One such sleuth, Redditor foghaze, noticed something funny about one of the bones that was discovered in Avery’s fire pit. For those of you who don’t remember, the running theory that the Manitowoc DA office went with was that Teresa Halbach was killed in Steven Avery’s garage, and then her body was burned in the fire pit located on his property. Never mind how stupid it would be to dispose of the body on your own property when a quarry ripe for the hiding is located nearby, or the fact that none of Teresa’s blood was found in the garage, OR that there’s no way a dinky-ass backyard fire pit could burn a skeleton to the point where fragments are the only thing leftover.

Speaking of the type of fire required to destroy a human body: it’s gotta be big, hot, and presumably strong enough that were you to throw something as fragile as chicken bones into it they’d be burnt to the point of becoming dust. Logically, had such a fire occurred on Steven Avery’s property, you would not find any remnants of chicken bones in its ashes.

And yet that’s exactly what Redditor foghaze discovered: bird bones.

As Uproxx’s Ryan Harkness notes, only a small bit of tissue was recovered from the bones, and while 16 points of DNA are required in order for a sample to be deemed usable, forensic scientist Shelley Culhane claimed the chances that the tissue came from anyone other than Teresa Halbach was “one in a billion” despite only pulling seven points of DNA. Bruh, that ain’t even half of 16 – imagine selling furniture on Craigslist and your buyer pays you less than half of the price you listed for your beat to hell sofa, then flips you off and says “Too bad, SUCKER” and walks away. This is basically the same thing, but with science and a prison sentence.

As for how this will affect Avery, well…we don’t know. His new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, is filing a new appeal at the end of August that will supposedly expose multiple inconsistencies in the case – and supposedly, SUPPOSEDLY, she’s even got a new suspect she believes is the one who actually killed Halbach. And while the results of said appeal will surely hit headlines, we may just have to wait until season two of Making a Murderer to find out just how beneficial all this Internet sleuthing has been – my bet? 50/50.

[Via Reddit]