Shia LaBeouf Almost Knocks The Top Off This White Nationalist Pipsqueak That Interrupted His Trump Protest

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It’s no secret that Shia LaBeouf has a bit of a temper. I call him UnEven Stevens. Get it? Guys. GUYS. Where are you going, there’s more to the post than just the joke. Ah, fuckin A.

What’s up, mom. Thanks for sticking around. Stop tagging me in feel good videos on Facebook. Christ.

Anyway, LaBeouf is a bit of a head case, especially when it comes to his country. You may remember last year when he went to Mount Rushmore and screaming ‘AMERICA!’ to anyone who would listen.

In his latest art project, the 30-year-old LaBeouf has started a live-stream protest in New York titled “He Will Not Divide Us.” Shia reportedly plans to keep the cameras rolling for the entire four years Trump is in office. Throughout the weekend, many congregated to chant a unifying message. Jaden Smith stopped by. Because his dad hasn’t found him a new job.

The protest took got extra lit when a white nationalist jumped in front of the camera and said, “We must secure the existence of the white people.” Shia did not take kindly to that.

How many days do you think it will take for Shia to murder someone who opposes his protest? If you’re guessing a month, I’ll take the under.

[h/t Hot New Hip Hop]

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