Spotify Gaming Lets You Stream Video Game Music, So You Can Commit GTA IRL Like The Boss Rick Ross

Spotify has launched a new portal dedicated to streaming video game music with community playlists, editorially curated picks, and original soundtracks from top games like Halo, Uncharted, No Man’s Sky, Mass Effect, and more.

Personally, I’m looking forward to playing the Grand Theft Auto soundtracks on loop, but it looks like their listings don’t include my favorite tracks – those ridiculous commercials and promos like the ones in this YouTube compilation video.

Also, a brief browse sesh revealed that not many of the best older video game soundtracks were represented like GoldenEye, Duke Nukem, Mario, Sonic, Tetris, CastleVania, Streets of Rage, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Metroid, et cetera, et cetera. I honestly can’t wrap my head around no Parappa the Rapper.

Not to mention that you can’t search for specific titles, you have to click through tons of pages to find what you want. AND… AND when I find something I want to listen to, there’s just a “listen on Spotify” button. Click that and it takes me to a page that doesn’t work because something something plugin Google Chrome something. Fail. Not sure if it’s me or the platform or my computer, but, Fail.

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Anyway, remember Pandora? Seems like they’re just coasting while Spotify is releasing the Top 10 Songs To Bang To, the Most Popular Songs With College Students, and the ability to bump your Spotify playlist while riding in an Uber. Step up your game, Pandora.

Bitter side note: Screw you, Apple Music for making pay $10 after downloading your app for free because my girl wanted to see that damn Taylor Swift documentary that wouldn’t stream.

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Via The Verge

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