These Are The States With The Most STDs In America

On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Jimmy busted out a map of America that shows which states have the most STDs. Somewhat surprisingly, Alaska ranks #1 in America. Jimmy provides a somewhat reasonable explanation for this and has Guillermo demonstrate how difficult it is to open a condom wearing nothing but mittens. Frankly, I figured Florida or New York would rank #1 in STDs but

The state with the least amount of STDs in America is New Hampshire. I can’t see any rhyme or reason to this. I’ve never met anyone from New Hampshire that’s stuck out as being unable to get laid. Most of the people I know from New Hampshire, which is only a handful of folks, are all reasonably attractive individuals. I see no reason they shouldn’t all be getting laid and spreading diseases like the rest of the nation.

Here’s a look at that map so you don’t have to hit pause and try to zoom in on the video:

states with most STDs in America


Any guesses for they New Hampshire’s the safest state in the nation when it comes to STDs?

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