Steve-O Shared Pictures Of His Injuries From His Latest Stunt And Prepare To Lose Your Appetite

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Two decades ago, Steve-o, born Stephen Gilchrist Glover, was working as a clown at  in a circus at a flea market in Fort Lauderdale after graduating from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. Today, the 43-year-old has pocketed a couple million dollars and graduated to doing snow angels in rocket fuel. Progress.

As we reported last week, Steve-o earned himself first and second degree burns from a stunt for his new comedy special with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine, a stunt that seemed egregiously dangerous, even for a dude whose shot fireworks out his asscrack.

“If you hollow out a rocket engine, like, the rocket engine fuel in the thing, if you take that powder … it’s a full flash explosion, it’s like the hottest thing ever,” Steve-o said in a video posted to his Steve-O TV page.

He also gave us a glimpse of the aftermath of the stunt, which I could have certainly done without. NSFL.



As if Steve-o hadn’t punished himself enough, he parlayed his injury into a nausea-inducing stunt at the end of each comedy special.

“Each special thanks [at the end of the comedy special] is a blister poured into a shot glass,” he boasted. “Then at the end of my special thanks, [I say] ‘cheers’ and drink the shot for the ending … I drank a shot of the blister juice, and it tasted like saline.”

I think I need a shower.

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