For No Reason Whatsoever, Here Is Taylor Kitsch’s Motorocycle Ride From ‘True Detective’ Set To ‘Uptown Funk’

The first episode of True Detective was pretty stupid. I mean, I pretty much gave up when it turned out Rachel McAdams’ character was named Antigone, as though Nic Pizzolatto punched his script into a random mythology generator and it came back with “Add more Greek.” Does anyone think Ben Caspere, now blinded, won’t reveal some truth of what happened at the end of the show, a la Tiresias?

Anyway, I’ll keep watching, but that first ep was terrible, and to give that embarassing show of television the mocking it deserves, here’s the dramatic Taylor Kitsch ride near the end set to ‘Uptown Funk.’

[Mucho mucho thanks to Andy Isaac for making this for me]