No One Was Sad To See These ‘Sopranos’ Characters Get Whacked, Clipped, Popped And Burned

Here’s our vengeful video counting down The Sopranos characters everyone was happy to see get knocked off.

All these years later and we still can’t stop thinking about this series. It was one of the best written shows of all-time and the music featured in the program was top-notch.

To me, staying alive in the Italian-American mafia system is pretty simple. Take a page from The Rock’s book and know your role. Have respect. Of course, shit happens and luck be a shady lady, but your odds of survival increase when you play by the unwritten rules.

The respect isn’t just for those in power, it’s for anyone who really deserves it. Like, your wife. Come on, guy. Your wife is the one person who knows – whether or not you know – the exact height and weight of the skeletons in your closet. Unless she cheats on you – which, in some cases, the husband brings on himself – you keep that cat happy and only good stuff can happen. You abuse her and the payback will be wrathful.

I’m always amazed by the balls on the guys who step to and insult a mob boss, especially someone as lethal as Tony. I understand these dudes ain’t the sharpest ice pick in the murder kit, but slow your roll, homey. RESPECT. Vent to your therapist or write in your diary, dude. Just make sure to whack your therapist and burn your diary each time to avoid any backlash.

I wouldn’t last a half-a-day in the mob, so take my take with a grain of salt on your cold cuts, ‘cuz.