This Is Who Steven Avery Thinks REALLY Killed Teresa Halbach

by 3 years ago

While the Internet has been abuzz with news about Steven Avery, from new evidence discovered via juror interviews to reasons why the blood evidence used in the documentary is complete garbage (according to a scientist), it’s been non-stop Steven Avery 24/7 7 days a week out here.

So in case you’ve already seen Dean Strang and Ken Kratz debate the case on Fox News, and assuming you’ve already read about how the sheriff from Manitowoc wishes his department had stayed out of the investigation, you’re in luck — here’s some more Steven Avery info to whet your whistle! This is who Steven Avery REALLY thinks killed Teresa Halbach, and no, it’s not Brendan Dassey — let’s not kick people while they’re down and stupid AF, shall we?

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