Twitter Is Freaking Out Over How Jacked Up Tom Cruise’s Face Was At The BAFTA Awards

Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance as a presenter for the BAFTA Film Awards on Sunday, but rather than pay attention to who won Best Film people were staring at something a little more…distracting.

You see, it appears that Tom Cruise has maybe gotten some Botox done recently and the results aren’t pretty. They’re not SUPER ugly either, but was it really necessary in the first place? Sure Alien Overlord Xenu won’t love you if you’ve got a busted mug, but he does make room for special worshippers in his heart who happen to have millions of dollars to donate to Scientology, making Tom Cruise safe from…whatever Scientology’s version of Hell is. The DMV? Detroit? Uranus? Take your pick, it’s all made-up anyway.

But oh yeah! Back to Tom Cruise’s face. He used to look like this:

And now he looks like this:

Guy looks like he’s been beaten in the face with a bar of soap and then covered up all the welts with a flesh-tone marker. As always, Twitter had to weigh in on the poor guy’s fugly-ass mug and boy oh boy were they even meaner than me:

[H/T Daily Mail]