Take 5 Minutes To Watch 50 Cent Respond To Derogatory YouTube Comments For ‘Candy Shop’

To celebrate the release of his new album ‘Street King Immortal’, Noisey invited rapper, actor and entrepreneur 50 Cent to respond to his Youtube commenters in the latest episode of ‘The People VS.’ series.

50 responds to comments on his 2004 Billboard #1 Hit ‘Candy Shop,’ which is objectively an absolute banger, but internet warriors will undoubtedly come out of their parents basement to shred it, and 50, to pieces. That’s the way the internet works. I know this all too well.



Reading comments about your work on the internet is like listening to your father’s opinion on you declaring ‘Theater’ as your college major. Nothing good can come of it. Props to 50 for keeping his cool and clarifying that ‘lollipop’ is, in fact, referring to a penis. The mystery is solved.

[h/t Uproxx]