When Will Fallout 4 Come Out? This Rumor Says The Game’s Trailer Will FINALLY Premiere At E3 This Year



It’s been almost 5 years since Fallout: New Vegas came out, and people are getting antsy. Without even a trailer or at least some sort of update on the franchise coming from Bethesda, some were even beginning to question whether there’d even BE another installation into the Fallout series.

Until now…sort of.

Mirada Studios is a computer graphics studio that works on narrative-based trailers for companies (think Nintendo, Disney, etc.), and one of their contracted 3D artists wrote on his LinkedIn profile that he spent 4 months working on a “Fallout 4 cinematic trailer.”


Presumably (and if Bethesda gives a shit about any of us), this trailer will debut at E3 next month. And while there’ve always been rumors about a fourth Fallout game swirling around the Internet that’ve continuously been proven false, it’s looking like this one’s got some legitimacy to it since Destructoid received an email from Mirada Studios demanding the story be pulled.

Via Destructoid:

We received an email from Mirada Studios demanding we pull this story. A representative cited inaccuracies, but also confirmed the story was breaking a non-disclosure agreement. As nobody at Destructoid signed an NDA, we’re assuming that confirms somebody else broke NDA. I wonder who might be in trouble.

So when will Fallout 4 come out? Will it premiere at E3 next month? Unfortunately nothing is confirmed and I don’t have any concrete answers for you…but I’m gonna go ahead and let my hopes get a little high. Hopefully it won’t bite me in the ass down the road.

[H/T Destructoid]

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