Watch Will Smith Destroy Bel-Air In This Awesome GTA Remake Of ‘Fresh Prince’

YouTube user and GTA video extraordinaire Merfish attempts to produce a Grand Theft Auto video every day. That’s a ridiculously tough task, but yet he has churned out some dandies that focus on beloved television shows including:

Full House


Family Matters

Merfish even created that crazy whales falling from the sky GTA video.

However the GTA wizard goes back to TV with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air intro recreated perfectly into Grand Theft Auto V. Instead of Bel-Air, this sitcom takes place in Rockford Hills and the part of Will Smith is played by Franklin.

This video game adaptation is not a goodheartedly innocent as the sitcom though. Will gets thumped in the head with a nightstick by a police officer. Oh that “one little fight” where his mom got mad? Yea that was an ax attack in this vicious interpretation. And the cab with the license plate that said “Fresh” and had dice in the mirror? Will executed him at close range with a shotgun. And as soon as he walked into the Banks’ mansion he blew everyone up with a rocket launcher. Don’t know if this version is going to be airing on NBC any time soon.

There’s even a side-by-side comparison to show just how well produced this is.