‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Found Dead In His West Hollywood Home

Barry Gesser was one of the ‘Wolves of Wall Street’ who worked closely with Jordan Belfort, consulted on Martin Scorsese’s movie, and was hit with 3 years of probation for his role in the stock fraud and racketeering scandal that the movie was based on.

Yesterday Barry Gesser was found dead in his West Hollywood home, according to TMZ his body was discovered by his house keeper and the police suspect no foul play.


via TMZ:

One of the real life guys who advised Jordan Belfort … the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ … has been found dead in West Hollywood.
Barry Gesser was tight with Belfort and also consulted with the film’s director Martin Scorsese and co-star Jonah Hill. TMZ has learned Gesser’s body was found Wednesday afternoon.
4:20 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell us Gesser’s housekeeper found him, and called 911. There were no obvious signs of trauma or suicide. We’re told Gesser has a history of drug use, but there was no paraphernalia or pills found on the scene.

Recently Barry Gesser made headlines after his new wife of just 15 days found him in bed with NYC socialite Dori Cooperman. His new wife came home to find him and Dori together in bed after less than three weeks of being married.

In addition to fraud and racketeering, throughout his life Barry Gesser was often accused of having ties to the mafia. He was also forced to hand back $2.1 million as part of his arrest and subsequent probation back in 1999. He was as much of a ‘socialite’ as it gets, jet setting across the world and partying with celebrities from the Hilton sisters to Leonardo DiCaprio (the latter is sort of obvious though).