DC Dropped The Trailer For ‘Wonder Woman’ And Yep, Yahboi Is Excited

In my humble opinion, the major problems with Batman V Superman came in the final act. Yes, there were some issues in the first two acts (I’m still not sure what the fucking was going with that double dream sequence with Batman in the desert), but the glaring issues came in the final act. Pretty much right as the Batman and Superman settled their differences because their moms are both named Martha. Then the failed Superman clone shows up, Batman kills a bunch of people and Superman dies. All in the span of like 20 minutes. Also, spoilers.

However, the definite highlight of that entire act was seeing Wonder Woman in action. Between that and her two lines of dialogue about how she’s killed monsters from other worlds, I was instantly hooked in for that movie. Now we have trailer, which features her and the other Amazonians kicking some ass as well as her putting an absolute beatdown on entire armies in the trenches of World War I. Try and not get excited. It’s impossible.