The World’s Biggest A-Hole Is Thomas Jane In This Funny And Emotional Organ Donation Promo

thomas jane worlds biggest ahole organ donation

Thomas Jane, the Hung Punisher, is the world’s biggest asshole in this PSA for organ donation that’s narrated by Will Arnett aka Gob aka BoJack Horseman.

Not gonna lie, this spot from Donate Life could be turned into a pretty decent TV show or movie. It took me a hot minute to realize that the a-hole, Coleman Sweeney, was played by Thomas Jane. It’s also nice to know that you can be a gigantic prick and still be a hero if you donate your organs. Buuuuut, what if the guy who’s donating is a pedophile? Or a rapist? Or a murderer? Have you ever seen Idle Hands starring Seth Green and Jessica Alba? Transplants from psychopaths can go haywire at any second.

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In terms of world’s biggest, Sweeney has some competition from this hoverboard-riding, man-bun wearing dude berating a store clerk and these Washington Capitals fans, Ethan Couch, this Tinder chick, and this drunk Wake Forest student. But, hey, if you’re gonna be an a-hole, get it out of your system in college.

You can register to donate your poor, horrid, abused organs at