13 Artists Every Bro Should Know

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With all this in mind, we here at Not Some Kid present “13 Artists You Better Know.”


Of course we are kicking off with Myndset, a great friend of Not Some Kid. He has begun creating original mixes which are incredible, just like his legendary mixtapes and remixes. Myndset is a Los Angeles based Producer/DJ killing the EDM scene. His sound, a mix of electro and progressive, is best described as heavy hitting yet melodic. He's landed some of the absolutely best gigs out in LA and Vegas, and is starting to see his music celebrity spread around the country with more and more appearances. With unmatched stage presence, a meticulous work ethic, and an incredible ear, Myndset is sure to be the next big EDM DJ.

My personal favorites: 25th Hour (Original Mix) Ft. Jason Caesar A Miraculous Mind (Mixtape) Check out Myndset on SOUNDCLOUD, and FACEBOOK.



Timeflies burst onto the scene with their Timeflies Tuesday series and followed that up with an absolute home run with their debut album, The Scotch Tape, released September 2011, which hit #8 on iTunes after just 24 hours. Vanity Fair dubbed the duo, comprised of producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal Shapiro, as “musical masterminds”. In fact a year and a half later I still frequent that album, as every track is still just so good. One Night, the duo's first EP released Nov. 2012 and soared to #2 on iTunes. They are starting to get the recognition they deserve, the sky is the limit for Cal and Rob.

Check out Timeflies SOUNDCLOUD, and FACEBOOK.

Adventure Club Dubstep

 photo Adventure-Club_zpsda8a68cc.jpg

I literally cannot get enough of Adventure Club. Every single thing they touch turns to gold, and their originals are without fault. In my opinion, two of the humblest guys in the business, Adventure Club really are the definition of genre defying. Their most famous remix, of Flight Facilities & Giselle's 'Crave You' was absolutely astounding, and they have shot to fame in an insanely short period, playing at Red Rocks, EDC and this year at Big Day Out in Australia, with gigs lined up in Hong Kong among other places. They were my most talked about duo of 2012, and I can fully guarantee that 2013 will be an incredible journey for all fans of Adventure Club, as they continue to broaden their production range and hone in their skills.

Check out Adventure Club Dubstep on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.


 photo synchronice_zpsdb3e59bd.jpg

Do Synchronice even need an introduction here on Not Some Kid? Any regular readers will know how much we love them, and it goes without saying that they are hands down one of the most interesting duo's coming through the dance scene right now. The two brothers have really progressed heaps and bounds in such a small time, and we here at Not Some Kid look forward to watching them on their road to fame.

Check out Synchronice on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.


Project 46

Project 46 is an utterly, strangely brilliant duo. Living 4,500km apart, they create some of the most euphoric house together via Skype and cloud storage. Obviously, the distance between these two does not stop them producing incredible house tunes. With a huge collection of prestigious remixes under their belt, such as Usher's Numb and Coldplay's 'Every Teardrop is A Waterfall', they have really taken over the EDM scene in a very small amount of time. 2013 will be a year of more exponential growth and stunning releases for the duo.

Check out Project 46 on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.


From Wiki (I didn't know much about the group, figured Wiki knows best):

Bastille is a band from South London, England, formed in 2010. Bastille started out as a solo project by singer-songwriter Dan Smith,[1] who later decided to form a band. The quartet consists of Dan Smith, Chris 'Woody' Wood, Will Farquarson and Kyle Simmons. The name of the band comes from Bastille Day; the day Dan Smith was born.

Just listen to this cover of “What Would You Do” by City High, absolutely murdering it.

Check out Bastille on SOUNDLOUD and FACEBOOK.

The M Machine

Coming off the back of a stunning remix of Madeon's 'The City', and with some beautiful originals, The M Machine is defiantly one duo that is going to have an incredible 2013. Their huge variety and excellent remixing abilities makes this this duo one to watch. Don't believe me? Check out their amazing remix of Bruno Mars here.

Check out The M Machine on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK


 photo artworks-000033858805-cp59x2-large_zpsed7f8e01.jpg

ViLLΛGE. Perhaps one of the most interesting finds of 2012, ViLLΛGE is defiantly something special. Shooting into notoriety with his re-remix of Adventure Club's take on Yuna, and with a whole tonne of incredible originals, he was hands down one of my favorite finds of 2012, and I cannot wait to watch him develop his production throughout 2013.


Seven Lions

 photo 121004-seven-lions_zps6886d2e2.jpg

Frankly, if you haven't heard of Seven Lions by now, you need to play catchup fast. His beautiful, melodic dubstep really is second to none, and he has produced stunning remixes ranging from Florence & The Machine to Above & Beyond. This is not to say his style is simply limited to dubstep. Creating some emotional, catchy and deep progressive house, such as The Truth, Seven Lions really is not limited to one genre. Defiantly one to keep a close eye on through 2013.

Check out Seven Lions on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.


 photo Disclosure_zps062ba95f.jpg

Jeez. 2012 was really an incredible year for Disclosure, with the release of their world famous tune Latch. Their funky vibes and garage sound really caught the attention of the music industry, and the two brothers continue into 2013 on a high momentum. With a stunning original already dropped in 2013, there is no slowing down for these two young Brits.

Check out Disclosure on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.


 photo flume_zps8a6bccf8.jpg

Flume may have been one of my favourite and most treasured finds of 2012. His music simply gives me the urge to strip down and dance. Whilst this may seem like a strange description, listen to his remix of Hermitude's 'HyperParadise' *Warning* Make sure you are not in a public place, or you may be arrested for public indecency. His productions constantly amaze me, and he really does bring something new to the table every time. Big things for this man in 2013, mark my words.

Check out Flume on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.



Since we last interviewed English dubstep prodigee Draper, he has had a release on the huge MonsterCat recordings label. Producing incredibly moving dubstep, Draper has once again broadened his spectrum and is now producing stunning house anthems, most notably his new remix which he has previewed of Strange Talks 'Falling In Love'. Sure to be a colossal force in 2013, Draper is one of the fastest growing forces in the UK dubstep scene. Check out Draper on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.


 photo 20111031-YONAS_zps0a95c1d4.jpg

Bearing in mind how there has been no mention of any rappers or hip hop artists so far, it is with great joy and excitement that I present YONAS. Aged 25, YONAS hails from the Bronx, New York, and is easily one of the most fresh, exciting and genuinly original rappers I have had the pleasure of hearing these last few years. Perhaps his most famous song, a rap over 'Pumped Up Kicks,' sets the tone for what YONAS can really achieve. He has managed to successfully sample and fuse his rapping into M83's 'Midnight City,' Daft Punk's 'One More Time' and even Coldplay's 'Paradise'. Off on tour this year, I really look forward to watching YONAS progress and continue to nurture and mature his style.

Check out Yonas on SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK.

So there you have it, Not Some Kid's list of 13 artists you have got to know. I'm sure we've left out other artists, and once I hit publish I'll think of 5 more must adds, so a follow up is right around the corner. But for now, get to know those on this list, trust us, you'll be thanking us later.