Bassnectar’s Colorado Show Was So Loud That Local Residents Thought It Was An Earthquake

Do you worship the bass?

Do you tremble and quiver like an Old Testament sinner at the shock-n-awe of thunderous dubstep?

Do you bow at the alter of  Mt. whomp whomp wahhhhh wah wah waaaaaa wahhhhhhhhh whomp whomp whomp?

Do you prefer to feel your live music experience rather than hear it? How about attending something that registers on the richter scale, yet doesn’t cause apocalyptic devastating (except to your brain from all the molly you ate)?

Then you should have been at Bass Center 2016 in Colorado this past weekend, where Bassnectar blasted the eardrums off Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City. Unless you’re too old for such a thing…

The bass from Bassnectar’s woofers at the soccer stadium this past weekend so earsplitting that it caused local residents to confuse it with an earthquake. Just look at all these cranky, fun-hating old people! via CBS Denver:

“I thought it was an earthquake. I looked and realized it was bass,” said Joe Quillin in a complaint to the Commerce City City Council.

Quillin called the board negligent for allowing Bassnectar to have a permit at all.

“To issue a permit for that is ridiculous,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Bassnectar has irked neighbors. In Morrison residents were so angry last year that they convinced Red Rocks Amphitheatre to cap decibel levels effectively banning Bassnectar. Last September Bassnectar announced on Twitter the search for a new Colorado home and a promise to be loud.

Scott Wilson, a neighbor living close to Dick’s Sporting Good Park, says it doesn’t matter. He recorded noise at 72 decibels on his porch and says his entire house shook.

“We have to be neighbors and friendly neighbors. This was not a friendly event” said Wilson.

Silly old people. Can’t handle some throbbing bass. Couldn’t they have just headed out for a fancy steak dinner at the local Bonanza before an evening of USA Monk reruns in bed on the iPad with some headphones on?

Sadly, this is the second time Bassnectar has come under fire in Colorado for his decibel levels. He got kicked out of Red Rocks last year when the nearby community told him to hush up to the point of ruining the experience for fans.

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