CounterPoint Music Festival’s Memorial Day Weekend Lineup Blows My Friggin’ Mind

Bros, whatever plans you have set for Memorial Day weekend you need to go ahead and cancel right now, because the only place you should be is CounterPoint Music Festival. I don’t care if you’re supposed to be going to a bachelor party, the beach or even a wedding, CounterPoint should take priority. The only reason NOT to be at CounterPoint is if you’ve died, but even so you should just move your funeral down to Kingston Downs, Georgia so all your guests can head over to the festival afterwards.

Don’t believe me when I say that you should be going to CounterPoint no matter WHAT this year? Then take a gander at their lineup:

Knife Party? Dillon Francis? The Roots? And KYGO? Why would you NOT be there?!

Tickets for CounterPoint are on sale now, so if you just realized that whatever plans you have right now are blatantly inadequate to the epic-ness that CounterPoint will be, click HERE to grab yours to make sure that this Memorial Day weekend is the best you’ll ever have.