Dave Grohl Continues Awesome Dominance, Invites Crying Fan Onstage To Sing With Him

by 4 years ago


No joke, earlier today from a coffee shop, one of my buddies told me that he would have to ditch out on my 31st birthday in a few weeks because he had tickets to go see Foo Fighters at The Gorge in Eastern Washington on that same night.

Being the bro that I am, I sort of shrugged it off and said, “Hey, at least you’ve got a good reason, Foo Fighters live are pretty dope. Did you see when Grohl pulled that kid up onstage to sing with him? So cool.”

And, as if the Internet gods heard me, the lead singer of Foo Fighters continued his dude dominance once again, this time bringing a crying fan up onstage to sing the song “My Hero” with him during a show this weekend.

Now, I could go on and ask why the male fan was crying at a Foo Fighters concert to begin with, but I’ll just assume he was a little emotional from seeing his all-time greatest band play live—or he was really messed up off booze and/or drugs.

Instead, I’ll just enjoy another example of Dave Grohl being the coolest musician on the planet, showing that he’s willing to do anything to put on a killer show and make his fans happy—like this, this, this and, oh yeah, this.

Here’s to you, Grohl, let’s just hope the summer of Foo continues rolling right along.

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