Did Diplo And 2 Chainz Piss Diamonds After Drinking $100K Bottles Of Water?

I’m all for throwing money around, but no one is a better ambassador for pointless expensive shit like 2 Chainz. Whether it’s vodka or gold-covered blunts, his show for GQ, Expensive Shit, continues to deliver.

On this week’s episode he teams up with Diplo to try the world’s most expensive bottles of water. Bottled water is fundamentally stupid from the get-go; you can collect rain in a bucket, purify it, and drink that shit for free.

But, fuck it, even a liquid that’s essential to life is a commodity in a capitalistic society. 2 Chainz and Diplo tried all sorts of artisnal waters from a so-called “water sommelier.” Believe it or not there’s a $100,000 mineral-infused water you can spend your money on. It ain’t no Aquafina, apparently.

OR you could donate $100,000 to a charity that brings fresh, clean water to millions of impoverished people in the developing world.

Your call.

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