Fallout Boy Just Remade The ‘Ghostbusters’ Song And It’s The Biggest, Fattest, Most Detestable Trash Ever

Fall Out Boy Ghostbusters

YouTube / VEVO

I guess we should’ve all seen this coming: there is now a new theme song to go along with Ghostbusters (2016), the reboot hitting theaters on July 14th with an all-female cast. The original Ghostbusters theme song is one of the all time greatest movie theme songs ever produced. In fact I’m willing to call it THE SINGLE GREATEST movie title track in history. Released back in 1984, Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme song is as great today as it was back then, and you only need to hear 2 or 3 notes of the song before recognizing what you’re listening to.

Well, Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott just teamed up for ‘Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)’ and it’s easily the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever suffered through, truly. I’ll let you listen before I spray feces all over it anymore:

This fucking dumpster fire is now the worst thing to happen in music in the 21st century. I’d rather take a road trip from Florida to Alaska with Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ on repeat then have to be subjected to one more goddamn second of that Fall Out Boy song. Frankly, I’m livid that I even have to blog about this festering wound that is being passed off as music, but I felt the responsibility to get Satan’s yeast infection in front of you bros before you walked into it without knowing how goddamn terrible it is.

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Now feel free to go forth into the world and spread this around, letting everyone know how terrible it is and how it’s hopefully not a sing of things to come with Ghostbusters (2016) as a film.

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