Listen to the First Fall Out Boy Album in Five Years, ‘Save Rock and Roll’

by 6 years ago

this album is one that is particularly close to us. we recorded it in secret from the music industry, critics, and even our fans. an artists first record sounds the way it does because it is often made without expectations. this is not our first record. but because of the way we went about making this one in the shadows it is with out a doubt the first record in a new chapter of fall out boy. we made this music for ourselves and no one else at the end of the day. this is meant be played loud, with the windows down on summer nights. four friends with our backs to each other fighting in the darkness against anything and everything that is out there. we bowed our heads, took a knee and plugged back in. from the first strings to the last shouts- this is us. these incantations are meant to conjure realness, to unlock whatever the rock and roll is inside each of you- in each of us. put on your headphones, turn it up- this is what we have spent the last year and a half making. most importantly, thank you for wishing or waiting- because with out you, the most important piece, this record would never have been made. so we figured you have waited long enough… with out further ado, please listen closely:


So, I've gone through the album once so far…. and it's pretty great. All the FOB staples are there: the soaring vocals, the decidely uncool (yet awesome) lyrics, the hooks that get stuck in your head for days on end. It might as well be 2005.

You might notice, though, that they've moved away from the 15-word song titles. Which is a real shame. Who can forget a catchy title like “Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued”?

(You might want to skip that Courtney Love song, by the way. And be sure to play “The Phoenix” really fucking loud.)

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