Fall Out Boy And Boyz II Men Performed ‘Motownphilly’ Together And This Is The Hottest Thing Since Disco

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live the members of Fall Out Boy and Boyz II Men joined to form a super group known as ‘Fall Out Boyz II Men’, and they went on to play the ever living shit out of ‘Motownphilly’. CONFIRMED: this is the hottest track of 2015. However, I might be a little biased because I’ve been a lifelong Boyz II Men fan and it’s glorious to see dem boyz take the stage once again for something that isn’t a Christmas tree lighting.

So how did a country music loving yokel like myself come to be a lifelong Boyz II Men fan? Well, my first ever concert consisted of Mary J. Blige opening for Montel Jordan (at the peak of his ‘This Is How We Do It’ fame) who opened for Boyz II Men. It was the quite possibly the best first concert a boy could have ever gone to. Those Boyz from Philly brought the house down in Tampa, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now if any of you need me for the rest of the week you can just find me over here in the corner listening to the Fall Out Boyz II Men super grou’s rendition of ‘Motownphilly’ on repeat…

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