Axl Rose Is Demanding Google Remove The ‘Fat Axl Rose’ Memes From The Web So Here They Are Before It’s Too Late

Axl Rose is one of the most gifted singers on the planet, that cannot be denied. He also has one of the most volatile personalities in the music industry, and this was basically the primary contributing factor to Guns N’ Roses breaking up for large periods of time over the past three decades.

While the core members of the band reunited this year and have already played a handful of gigs while getting ready to embark on a massive tour Axl Rose‘s focus has zeroed in on something that’s been plaguing him. You see, ever since Axl packed on a shit ton of baby weight several years ago and ‘fat Axl Rose’ memes began to flood the Internet the rocker’s taken issue with this, and he’s recently gone so far as to submit a DMCA takedown notice to Google in an attempt to have the ‘fat Axl’ meme and photo completely scrubbed from the Internet.

We all remember a few years ago when Beyonce’s publicist attempted to have an unflattering photo of her removed from the Internet and the entire debacle going nuclear in their faces…Well, this is happening again. The Internet is revolting and having a field day with the ‘Fat Axl’ memes, sharing them at the speed of light to ensure that Axl Rose’s chubby photos are never removed. Below are several of these memes embedded from Imgur, let’s see how long they last before Axl petitions Imgur to take them down (if Imgur would even listen to him)…You’ll notice that many of the memes have AC/DC related captions because Axl took over for AC/DC singer Brian Johnson after Johnson’s doctor ordered him to stand down or lose his voice forever:

Now I’m not advocating that you bros share these photos far and wide by clicking that Facebook like button and/or tweeting this article, because clearly Axl Rose wants these photos removed from the Internet and I wouldn’t want to go against an artist’s wishes. But if you’re so inclined to share these memes with every single bro you know then I certainly can’t do anything to stop you from doing that, can I?

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If you’re interested in the DMCA takedown notices themselves the websites TorrentFreak and ConsequenceOfSound have a full rundown of what Axl Rose has been doing to try and scrub the ‘Fat Axl Rose’ memes from the Internet, and how his takedown notices have caused a ‘hydra’ like effect.

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