1,000 Musicians Got Together In A Field And Covered ‘Learn To Fly’ By The Foo Fighters For A Pretty Awesome Reason

In an effort to get Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters to go play a concert in Cesena, Italy over 1,000 musicians came together, forming the ‘Rockin’ 1000′ project. After months and months of planning all
1,000 musicians (and the production squad) met up in a field to cover ‘Learn to Fly’ by the Foo Fighters, one of the band’s most iconic songs.

Dave Grohl’s been known to fall for stunts like this in the past. Just last year fans were able to get the Foo Fighters to play a show in Richmond, Virginia after a successful crowdfunding campaign sold over $60,000 in tickets to the hypothetical show. And while fans in Italy might be using that Richmond success as an example for the ‘Rockin’ 1000′ project, that show might be a bit misleading…. Richmond’s actually considered the hometown of the Foo Fighters, and that crowdfunding campaign was launched because Dave Grohl and the boys hadn’t played their hometown since 1998.

So while the Rockin’ 1000 project may woo Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters to play a concert in Cesena, Italy, the allure of the ‘hometown concert’ isn’t there. That said, it’s going to be hard for the Foo Fighters to turn their backs against 1,000 talented musicians covering ‘Learn to Fly’….So I guess we’ll see how the Foo Fighters react in the coming days. The video’s already going viral on Reddit (currently the #1 overall post on the self-proclaimed ‘front page of the Internet’), so the Foo Fighters WILL have to respond soon.