3LAU Made A Music Video With Rob Gronkowski And You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee Models Eating Body Sushi Off Gronk’s Abs

by 11 months ago

Like an original, caffeinated Four Loko before they were outlawed, Rob Gronkowski just seems to get better with age. A couple weeks ago he spent a weekend in Vegas partying with girls in bikinis at legendary Vegas pool parties. Now Gronk and his boy Mojo Rawley are the stars of a new music video by Vegas-based DJ 3LAU. It’s a certified must-watch. AND the track — “On My Mind” — is a certified summer party banger.

Is it weird that I don’t even want Gronk to return to the NFL at this point? Just go full WWE and be yourself, Bro. Live your best life. You already have the Super Bowl rings — Life in The Company is the life you were meant to live.

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