How Did Everyone Miss Gwen Stefani Busting Her Ass On Roller Skates Last Night!?!?

Okay, to be fair, I had the DVR in full effect last night and fast-forwarded through Gwen Stefani’s live commercial for Target because it was a Gwen Stefani live commercial for Target. Was playing catch-up because I was busy taking screenshots of the sultry Kaley Cuoco for my co-worker and making fire .gifs like this for you guys…

That said, how did seemingly everyone else in the world not blow up Twitter when the lead singer of No Doubt and chairwoman on The Voice went down HARD on roller skates while debuting her new track ‘Make Me Like You’?

Now, obviously, some people are speculating this may have been a body double or planned just for the very same reason I stated above, but I’m holding onto the hope that this was actually Gwen Stefani. If it was a stunt person, you’ve got to think they’d be better on their skates than to take a tumble like that. Plus, from the back, that hair screams 100% Stefani.

Guess this is what you get for trying to pimp out Target live on the Grammys for 90 seconds instead of just doing a normal performance. Never would’ve happened if you were wearing roller BLADES, Gwen.