This Snapchat Story Roasting Meek Mill’s Affinity For Losing Seriously Deserves An Oscar

I’ve watched this probably 15 times over now and I just can’t contain my laughter. Crying time and time again looking his reactions. The concept of this Snapchat story is so simple yet so sophisticated, so nonchalant yet so comical, so easy going yet so fucking savage.

Pretty sure this Asian kid just roasted Meek Mill worse than when Drake dropped ‘Back-to-Back.’ Straight-up using using household consumer items in a Home Goods to illustrate how much Meek Mill loves to lose. It’s just perfect. Just genius. Just…everything.

The wit and the flawless execution here cannot be overlooked one bit. Totally up there with Arnold Schwarzenegger in contention for best Snapchat story of the year right now. Oh, and our own Matt Keohan getting hammered after getting a replica of Kylie Jenner’s hip tattoo when he lost a best. That was fucking gold, too.