Check Out The Music Video That Landed An Egyptian Belly Dancer A Year In Jail

Reda el-Fouly belly dancer jail music video


For further proof that things are VERY different in other parts of the world, today we present to you the story of Egyptian belly dancer Reda el-Fouly.

Reda el-Fouly is in the news because she made a music video, a very run-of-the-mill music video called “Sib Eddi” (or “Hands Off” in English) in which she sang about enjoying being groped on the bus. The video, according to the Daily Mail, was supposed to be a spoof mocking overly-sexual celebrities.

Unfortunately for her, the video was a big success, garnering over 1 million views thus catching the eye of those in charge over in Egypt and she was arrested and charged with “inciting debauchery.” Thank goodness that’s not a law over here, right?

Her boyfriend, Wael Elsedeki, who also happened to be the director of the video, said that the whole thing was an experiment to see how long it would take a raunchy music video to make its way around the Internet.

Their definition of “raunchy” is much different than ours. In Islamic countries such as Egypt women are usually required to cover their chests and upper arms while out in public, which explains why such a pedestrian video might cause such an uproar.

Elsedeki was also sentenced to a year in jail has since left the country to avoid jail time. I wonder how Reda el-Fouly feels about that.

H/T Uproxx