Ryan Adams Fires Shots At EDM During Governor’s Ball, Calls Deadmau5 ‘Robot Music’

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There is a culture war going on today in America. You can’t see it, but go to any major music festival this summer and you’ll sense a certain audience uneasiness between the fans of EDM acts and live bands at multi-genre festivals. Music festivals have been forced to put popular EDM acts on the line-up to continue getting people through the gate, while fans of more traditional scenes bitch and moan about ravers and press-play DJ sets ruining the general chillness of a festival. The cultural collision between EDM and performed live music is very real this summer.

On Saturday night at Governor’s Ball in New York City, Ryan Adams played opposite to Deadmau5 at the end of the night. The stages were pretty far away from each other, but that didn’t stop Deadmau5’s boom-thump-boom-thump-boom-thump to bleed into Ryan Adams’ otherwise mellow set.

According to Billboard, Adams grew frustrated about two-thirds through the set and fired some shots at EDM:

“Try to make this song on your f–king iPhone,” Adams projected in the middle of the set,

“This song is not going to match the robot music over there… It’s like we’re living in a f–king Terminator nightmare!”

He then launched into “My Sweet Carolina” — You can definitely here Mau5’s boom-thump-boom-thump-boom-thump bleed in the background:

The two are remaining pretty chill about the whole thing.





Glad they could work it out.

*fist bumps*

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