We Talked To The Uber Driver Who Freestyled For A Car Full Of Chicks And They Totally Hit Him Up Afterwards

Yesterday we posted a video of an Uber driver impressing the hell out of a group of babes by spitting a hot fire freestyle over a classic Tribe Called Quest beat. It’s easily the most Bro-tastic thing on the Internet this week, so we hit up the Uber driver/rapper in the video — a Bro named Dylan Montayne — to ask him a little bit more about how it all went down.

Let’s start here: Who are you? Where do you drive Uber? How long have you been driving Uber?

My name is Dylan Montayne, and I come from Santa Fe, New Mexico, but currently reside in Denver. I’ve been driving Uber in Denver for a few months now, meeting cool people and loving the flexibility.

Are you in college? Everyone definitely seems college age-ish-ish

I graduated a couple years back from Notre Dame and moved to Denver right after to try my hand in the rap game. Bounced around a couple other jobs, but left those to drive for Uber, because they have an excellent corporate structure and they give you the tools to be your own boss. The ladies in the video had all just graduated from law school, they literally were learn-ed doctors.

Do you always rap for Uber passengers? How did this come up?

Haha this was actually my first time ever rapping for my passengers! I usually just leave people alone or answer their questions about gas mileage and where I go to the bathroom during the day. But somehow my music career came up in conversation and these chicks were like, “rap for us!”. So I said I would if they let me film it.

Did you record via a dash camera you have in the car or just turn on a phone?

The phone is set up on my phone mount for Ubering (I also drive for Lyft). Worked out pretty well, but I should’ve moved the air freshener.

What’s your wildest Uber story? This one?

Definitely this one. Although two days later a little kid puked in my car, so that was pretty wild.

Any idea what they gave you as a rating after this?

I think 5 stars but you can never be so sure these days.

What was the girl’s reaction? Did they try to hit you up afterwards?

They were super down! It was awesome seeing their reactions after. And no, the trip actually ended like right after that video ended, and I didn’t get any of their names to ask them if I could post the video. So I just posted it anyways. They’ve since reached out.

Did Uber reach out to you?

Haha not yet. I don’t know if it’s something they’d endorse – I said “fuck” once.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Yeah man I’ll have some new stuff up on SoundCloud TODAY, go check it out! I’m @dylanmontayne on social media. Huge thanks to BroBible for the love! And yo Uber is super dope, if you wanna sign up use my referral code! >>> x9p1d

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