‘The Mountain’ Tries To Consume 17,000 On His Cheat Day And Someone Please Try This It Home

The Mountain Cheat Day

YouTube / Hafthor Bjornsson

Hafthor Bjornsson, better known to the world as “The Mountain,” possibly spends more time eating than working out.

His grocery bills are ridiculous. He could probably eat an entire KFC out of business.

And his cheat days, dead Lord, they’d kill the average man.

Now, this video isn’t Bjornsson’s typical cheat day. He and a couple bodybuilding buddies attempt to eat 50,000 calories in total, averaging 16,666 calories per person.

Why? Mostly for our enjoyment, or disgust, depending on your own personal taste.

Here’s how the trio spent their day:

Over the course of 10 hours of eating, chaos slowly ensues as these large men feel like they’re going to pop with all the unhealthy food they’ve consumed.

Starting off on the healthier side with roughly 1,750 calories worth of beef and rice each, the threesome continued to eat pancakes, burgers, fries, chocolate milkshakes, Ben and Jerry’s, loaded large pizzas, wine bread, and somehow, even more food.

In the end, one of Mountain’s pals dropped out due to excessive vomiting. His other buddy made it to the end and vomited immediately.

Naturally, the Mountain stood tall.

Zero puking but probably 17,000 calories of regrets.

[via Men’s Health]


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