The Rock Shares The Toughest Parts Of His Workout And Training For ‘Black Adam’

The Rock Shares The Toughest Parts Of His Workout For Black Adam

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As we eagerly await to see how Dwayne Johnson’s turn as Black Adam in his first comic-book based film turns out, there is one thing we needn’t worry about him playing the part: his physical shape.

Last month, we got a little peek into the kind of training and workout regimen The Rock has been undertaking as filming finally begins on the Black Adam movie.

As if Johnson actually needed to “get in shape” for the role, he has been spending some serious time in his “Iron Paradise” doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and then weight training at night.

The last videos he shared explained a little bit about how he approaches working his back and biceps.

Over the weekend, The Rock gave us even more insight into the work he has been putting in, sharing details about how he trains his shoulders and legs – the latter of which he calls the toughest workout of his Black Adam training.

“This particular workout for shoulders is designed to maximize the blood volume right out of the gate,” The Rock explains, “and also make sure that the rep range is still in a place where we’re still fine-tuning all the etching and all the detail of the muscle, keeping its hardness, but also making that with the strict diet we’re keeping its fullness.”

“I know you’ve been waiting for this one so here’s an idea of the flow, and keep in mind my pre workout warm up and stretching is a lot longer (20-30min) since training legs requires ALL YA GOT!” he writes. “These are giant sets, so mentally prepare yourself.”

Leg extensions/Leg curls
Compound pressing movement
Chain lunges
Shark Pit squats
Barbell squats

“Multiple rounds of these Giant Sets. These are a real bitch so get your mind right and push yourself,” he added. “Then I’ll finish off with hamstrings and calves.

“It’s a lot of hard work (especially balancing everything else life throws our way) but I really enjoy the challenge of new goals.”

Dwayne Johnson: Master of the Understatement.

“Now it’s cheat meal time,” Johnson writes at the end.

He wasn’t kidding.

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