‘The Mountain’ Is Preparing For The World’s Strongest Man Competition By Deadlifting An Absurd Amount Of Weight

The Mountain Deadlift Training

via Instagram

Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson is literally a mountain among men. Never has a fictional name better suited a real person.

The 6′ 9″, 425-pound walking rock formation is currently prepping for the 2019 World’s Strongest Man Competition.

In preparation, Bjornsson warmed up by deadlifting 805 pounds.

“The Mountain” commented on the post:

“Last light deadlift session before Worlds Strongest Man 2019! 365kg / 805lbs for 2 reps. I’m ten days out and I’m ready to take what’s mine”

Honestly, who’s going to stop him? The pre-lift grunts, yells and screams are enough to scare most men.

He’s already Europe’s strongest man and the Icelandic iceburg has broken his own deadlift record numerous times.

This year’s World’s Strongest Man Competition is in Bradenton, Florida beginning on June 13th.

Once Bjornsson’s lifting days are done he should strongly consider going into competitive eating. Though his wife might not be a fan of his training sessions.


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