Dr. Squatch Review: Ranking The Best Dr. Squatch All-Natural Soap Products (2019)

Dr. Squatch Soap Co. doesn’t just make your average cleaning products to help you wash up and smell good. Sure, from their soaps to their conditioners and to their beard oils or cologne, this stuff is designed to make you feel rough and tough, capable of tackling anything the day throws at you, but it’s more than your run-of-the-mill soap that everyone else has in their bathroom.

Made from all-natural ingredients, Dr. Squatch now offers nine soap bars, shampoo, conditioner, colognes and beard oils, meaning you’re smelling (and looking) like one handsome SOB anytime you apply this stuff. Basically, you’ll make women swoon and guys ask what your secret is.


Since it’s important to groom yourself like an adult and no longer use that same old crap your mom used to buy you from the grocery store, we’re giving you some Dr. Squatch recommendations that will do the trick. Say goodbye to smelling generic, bros, because Dr. Squatch products all have a unique scent that will blow your mind — including an IPA scent and a soon-to-be-released coffee aroma. See, we told you this stuff’s unique.

After talking to Dr. Squatch’s founder, Jack Haldrup, a couple weeks ago to get the kickass story about how the company launched, we’re hooked on the products, so take a look at what we think you need to add to your bathroom.

Here’s our Dr Squatch review.


Nautical Sage

Although you can’t go wrong with any of Dr. Squatch’s bar soaps, Nautical Sage is a scent that stood out to us for a pretty dope reason. While talking to the company’s founder, Jack Haldrup, he said he got the inspiration for this smell from his time going to Big Sur while living in San Francisco. Hoping to channel that sage brush, Nautical Soap reminds him of the Cali coast — which is something other soaps definitely can’t brag about.

Crisp IPA Bar Soap

Forget drinking beer in the shower and apply that tasty IPA scent to your skin, providing it with all-natural ingredients to help keep it fresh, smooth and smelling great. Dr. Squatch’s Crisp IPA bar soap is a refreshing, hoppy beer with a citrusy splash, using a grapefruit finish that will leave you smelling like you’re chilling on a beach with some buddies on a warm spring day.

Hair Care Kit

You wouldn’t buy pasta noodles without some sauce, right, so why would you buy shampoo without conditioner? Dr. Squatch’s Hair Care Kit gives you two awesome smelling scents that combine to clean your hair and keep it all silky and smooth. Like all Dr. Squatch’s products, these two are all-natural, so you’ll feel (and see) the difference as soon as you use them for the first time.

Shave Bar

Your face is your livelihood, so don’t you think it needs a little extra TLC to make sure it’s looking fresh and smooth? We hope so, which is why Dr. Squatch is here to help provide all the soothing and nourishing vitamins and oils your skin needs while shaving. The Shave Bar combines Dr. Squatch’s beloved soap base with ultra-lubricating bentonite clay, heavily moisturizing castor oil, irritation-defying cocoa butter, and sweet-smelling peppermint and eucalyptus oils to make your face handsome.

Sampler Bundle

Are you the indecisive type who can’t seem to figure out what the hell you want? No worries, because Dr. Squatch can still help you out. Thanks to its Sampler Bundle, you can get the three top-selling bar soaps, along with a Dr. Squatch wooden soap saver to store and preserve your badass soap for as long as possible.


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