Everyday Carry Essentials For Making Life More Enjoyable

EDC Tuesday 7.27

Making life more enjoyable starts with focussing on the little things. Sometimes those things are intangible. Sometimes they’re physical.

Regardless, your happiness is dictated by your surroundings. These items are all about brightening your day first, then sharing that same enjoyment with others second.

The Yellow Leaf Hammocks Big Sur Hammock is perfect for hanging in the backyard and kicking back. You’ve always got priority, but sharing the hammock with your friends and family is top-tier hospitality.

Crack open a cold non-alcoholic beer from Athletic Brewing Co All Out Stout – 6 pack and hand them out for others to try too. They’re the latest and greatest way to drink healthy, and—let’s be honest—as we get older the effects of alcohol hit us harder and harder.

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[1] MVMT Classic Monochrome Watch 45mm [Buy Here]

[2] OluKai Mio Li [$130]

[3] Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Polo [$58]

[4] Faherty Brand Essential Short [$98]

[5] Huckberry Cruisers [$35]

[6] Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring [$32 originally $40]

[7] Filson Rugged Twill Tote [$195]

[8] Cardon Men’s Face Sunscreen SPF30 [Buy Here]

[9] Athletic Brewing Co All Out Stout – 6 pack [$9 originally $12]

[10] Yellow Leaf Hammocks Big Sur Hammock [$199]

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EDC Tuesday 7.27

EDC Tuesday 7.27

EDC Tuesday 7.27

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