Everyday Carry Essentials From Pit Viper, Casio, JBL, And More

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We’re digging this Casio Analog Watch. It’s on a significant price cut over on Amazon right now. Features include a resin band, a black stainless steel case, luminous markers and hands, an anti-reverse bevel, and water resistance up to 200m (660 feet).

This 44-piece shall and deep impact socket set was found over on eBay Motors, the newest one-stop shop for everything automotive-related. What’s cool is you can buy everything from brakes and tires to toolsets and car accessories on eBay Motors.

The pricing is competitive, and it all comes straight to your door—say goodbye to the headache of going back and forth to the auto shop!

Discover more of today’s EDC below!

Shop Tool Kits, Artisan Knives, and Durable Watches

[1] Casio Men’s Analog Watch

[2] 44-Piece Master Shallow & Deep Impact Socket Set W/ Carrying Case

[3] Pit Viper Sandstorm 2000s

[4] JBL GO 3 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers – Pair

[5] Deejo Manuscript Knife

44-Piece Master Shallow & Deep Impact Socket Set W/ Carrying Case

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Deejo Manuscript Knife

shop deejo knives

Pit Viper Sandstorm 2000s

shop pit viper

Casio Men’s Analog Watch

shop casio

JBL GO 3 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers – Pair

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