Love Hawaiian Shirts? Get 10% Off The Softest Summer Party Shirt Ever

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Last week we told you about our new favorite Summer 2017 Bro tradition: #FloralFriday. It’s the brainchild of Instagram’s @gdelpino007, a Hawaiian shirt enthusiast himself who came up with the following guidelines for his workplace:

We love the idea and are pretty jazzed to see Hawaiian shirts make an epic comeback. They’re flattering as hell to our dad bods and looks rad as hell when day drinking on a summer Saturday at the beach or…. wherever. Floral print Hawaiian shirts rule.

As #FloralFriday sweeps the nation this summer, we linked up with the good Bros at Kenny Flowers to showcase their badass line of Hawaiian shirts, all handmade from the softest Polynesian cotton imaginable in Bali.

What makes the shirts so great?

  • Shirts are cut true-to-size to fit better than your dad’s Hawaiian
  • Versatile prints that break the ice and get nods of approval from across the bar
  • The softest fabric so it feels like you’re partying in pajamas
  • Sunglass loop in the front pocket keeps your shades in place as you go from day to night
  • Tailored sleeves that show off hints of your last work out
  • Coconuttons (coconut buttons) hand-picked from the tallest palm trees

In the words of  Kenny himself: “Be the smile you want and the party you’re looking for. That is what Kenny Flowers is about.  A better fit. A fresher design. And a simple reminder to keep a smile on and have a good time, one button down at a time.”

Kenny Flowers wants you to look fresh for #FloralFriday, so they’re offering BroBible readers a 10% discount on all orders. All you have to do is find your favorite shirt and insert the following code at checkout: BROBIBLE, BROBIBLE10, or FLORALFRIDAY.


Don’t forget to use the code! And hell yes to looking like Hawaii 5-0 era Don Johnson all summer.

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