‘Golden Girls’ Granny Panties Are Disturbing And Your Girlfriend Will Probably Want All Four Pair

Golden Girls Granny Panties


Women own two different types of panties — sexy and baseball field tarps. The sexy are frilly, thong or thong-like and only get worn for special occasions or if everything else is dirty. The humongous underwear is worn the rest of the time, especially to bed. Women love granny panties, don’t let any of them tell you different.

Granny panties with the most famous grannies of all time — The Golden Girls — on the ass are like next-level absurd. Let’s encourage ladies to wear as much fabric to cover their vagina as possible AND posterize those underwear with the four unsexiest TV characters of all time. And no, Blanche was not sexy, she was borderline sex offender draped in Dress Barn.

Naturally, your girlfriend will want to own all four pair, and can for just $160 dollars. If you get them for her for Xmas, she’ll thank you for being a friend, because that’s all you be from that point on — a friend.

[via ETSY]

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