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Here’s How You Can Invest In Dice Cream’s “Ice Cream Shop Of The Future”

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Dice Cream hasn’t even launched their first ice cream shop yet and we’re already stoked. Can you blame us? They’re creating a fully autonomous and self-sufficient ice cream shop that can serve 90 customers an hour with 144 possible order combinations. That’s an awful lot of FAST scoops.

How many times over the years have you seen a burgeoning business skyrocket and kick yourself thinking that you should have bought stock while they were starting out? It’s understandable; everyone wants to get in on the ground floor of something special and watch the dollar signs fly. Lucky for you, Dice Cream is offering a unique opportunity to be a part of their investment group as they build their new ice cream empire.


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Why invest in Dice Cream?

The fast food business is becoming increasingly automated, and it’s only getting better every day. Dice Cream looks to capitalize on a multi-billion dollar industry (you read that right; we love our ice cream) by eliminating traditional brick-and-mortar complexities for a more cost-effective business model.

Dice Cream will offer cubed scoops of ice cream served by their aptly named autonomous robot Dicey which pairs with segmented stations that create an assembly line that builds customized orders in as little as 40 seconds.

With further funding, Dice Cream aims to harness the power of data and AI to continue to revolutionize the vending experience. Their next venture: using data analytics and algorithms to perfect everything from flavor preferences based on regional shops to optimizing supply chains to streamline operations and reduce costs. That’s a whole lot of tech and innovation on a macro and micro level to deliver you the perfect summertime treat.

Plus, Dice Cream is planning on a dual revenue stream approach. Not only will they have their exclusive locations, but they will also offer existing ice cream stores the opportunity to rent their machines as a means of establishing footholds in existing markets.

They have the vision, they have the technology, they have the leadership experience, and they’re positioned perfectly in the market. The stars are aligned, my friends.

What’s it in for you?

With a domestic ice cream market valued at almost $82 billion (and headed toward almost $115 billion by 2030), this is an investment that has the potential to make you serious money. After all, Dice Cream is already valued at $10 million! Imagine where they’ll go from here!

Dice Cream is also offering more than just traditional equity; there are multiple tiers of investing bonuses that can get you up to 20% more bonus shares.


Dice Cream

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