How To ‘Fix’ The iPhone 6’s Annoying Protruding Camera

iphone 6 camera

The new iPhone 6 is nice, right? So sleek and fast. But what’s the deal with that camera that sticks way out? It gets stuck when trying to jam the phone into your jeans pocket. It doesn’t lay flat on a table when you set it down. Hell, there’s even a special hole in the box that the phone comes in to accommodate the camera because it protrudes so much from the phone’s casing.

Well, this man isn’t having any of that so he enlists someone to help him relieve him of this iPhone 6 annoyance. Not sure I would recommend his solution, but hey, he does get it fixed!!

See? Fixed!

Now if he can just figure out how to make the iPhone 6 have the features that, you know, we actually want on it.

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