Stand Up Paddleboard + Hydrofoil = The Most Goddamn Fun You’ve Ever Seen On The Water

Kai Lenny is a world famous big wave surfer, Hawaii native, and he’s won numerous SUP (stand up paddleboard) world championships. This is a guy that spends more time in the water than most people could ever even imagine. So when he says that this is the most fun he’s ever had on a SUP then you better listen up, because this is the real deal.

In just a few short years SUP has become a distinct sport from surfing, with watermen worldwide flocking to SUP as a way to work the core in ways that surfing never truly offered. If seeking Kai Lenny (the world’s most famous SUP competitor) gush about his new hydrofoil SUP from Naish Surfing doesn’t already make you a believer, here’s what he has to say about the future of the sport after riding this thing last weekend:

“In a year, all the top guys will be downwinding on hydrofoils,” he said. “It’s the fast way to downwind paddle.” (via SUPTHEMAG)

Let’s check it out again in GIF, shall we?

You can keep up with Kai Lenny’s Hawaiian adventures on Facebook and/or Instagram. Also, if you’re thinking about getting into the SUP/paddleboarding game you should consider starting with ‘The Weekender‘, an inflatable SUP that is changing the game.

(h/t GrindTV)