American Hypercar Company Hennessey Is Racing To Beat Koenigsegg, Bugatti And McLaren To 300 MPH

See that car up there? That is a Koenigsegg hypercar. It’s a Koenigsegg Agera RS hypercar to be more specific. Only 25 of them will ever exist.

The Koenigsegg Agera RS puts out an eye-popping 1,160 hp. It’s dynamically active rear spoiler creates 992 pounds of downforce at 155 mph.

Here’s another look at it…

And this is what it looks like to drive one to a top speed of around 280 mph.

That is certifiably insane.

Not that Koenigsegg has the market all to itself when it comes to ludicrous speed hypercars.

According to TopSpeed

Hennessey is looking to become the first automaker to build a car that can eclipse 300 mph, and it may be able to achieve it with its first-ever custom-built car, the Venom F5. As the chase for the fastest top speed by a production car becomes more challenging, the American outfit wants to make a statement against Bugatti and Koenigsegg by accomplishing what neither has been able to do.

They’re not kidding either.

“That was the number we decided we needed,” John Hennessey recently told Autocar. “By our calculations, we can hit 300 mph with less than 1600 horsepower, but I always like to feel I’ve got more power in case it’s hot or we’re running at higher altitude.”

But, uh, John? Is there even a tire available today that can handle a road car going 300 miles per hour?

“To all these internet experts who think there’s no way a tire can go 300 mph in a road car, it depends on what you’re intending to do with it,” said Hennessey. “Michelin is going to give us their full technical support to make sure we have a proper tire for the speeds we want to run. What really matters is the load capacity of the tire and what load is being generated at each corner.”

Are you guys sure about that?

“We are knocking on the door of 300 mph,” said Eric Schmedding, Michelin’s product manager for original equipment.


So who do you think will get to 300 mph first? The 1,600-hp Hennessey Venom F5? The 1,360-hp Koenigsegg Agera RS? The 1,479-hp Bugatti Chiron? Or the forthcoming McLaren Hyper-GT BP23?

I don’t know the answer, but I can’t wait to find out.


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