This Laundry Bag Is A Smart Purchase For Two Reasons And One Of Them Is The Price

laundry bag

You probably put as much thought into you laundry bag as you do your laundry. As long as your clothes come out clean and the laundry bag keeps dirty clothes contained, you’re fine.

Well, I’m here to tell you its time to rethink the laundry bag. I’m also here to tell you, you’ve been doing laundry wrong your whole life, but that’s a lecture for another time.

You probably have either a crappy plastic basket or a drawstring bag for your dirty clothes. Both of those options suck. The plastic basket is for old ladies and the drawstring bag is for college kids. If you’re in either of those demos, carry on. If you’re an adult male, get this laundry bag.

The Drop Your Pants Here laundry bag is perfect for two reasons. The first is the price — it’s just $25 on Amazon. Second, the bag has aluminum handles making it MUCH easier to carry to the laundry room, the basement, to mom’s house or to the laundromat. It’s also 20% bigger than regular laundry bags and the material is thicker and will last longer.

Grow up. Get a real laundry bag.


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